Video- Tiesto’s In The Booth Episodes 1 & 2

Tiesto’s “In The Booth” is a Youtube series following the up close and personal life of the best DJ in the world.

“Take notice, he is our classic rock growing up. Do not look at your kids and say how you follow a DJ. He is your Led Zeppelin, he is your Bon Jovi, he is your U2.”

From Morocco to Paris to New York and Ibiza Tiesto’s life is a dream anyone would want to live, and never before has anyone been able to get so close and document his epic adventures. He has taken the electronic music industry and single handedly brought it up to something that will one day put hip hop in the past. After watching these videos I had chills down my spine because Tiesto isn’t just a DJ, “he is rock and roll and can do whatever he wants.” All DJ’s should have something like this as it allows us to notice the incredible things they are capable of. The Daily Jet will be following this series so tune in and enjoy!